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Looking Toward Home

Looking Toward Home 24" x 18"

Looking Toward Home 24″ x 18″

Why another horse? I’m not sure. All I can say is that my paintings are like a trail of bread crumbs – clues to where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. Trying to record the best parts so I don’t forget.




Ears and noses

Ears 8" x 8"

Ears 8″ x 8″

Noses 8" x 8"

Noses 8″ x 8″

I think I have been spending too much time in the barn lately.

Buy a painting on Etsy.

Low Tide and other little paintings on Etsy

Low Tide 4" x 6"

Low Tide 4″ x 6″

I did this little 4 x 6 to practice my sky and water. Considering that I live near the ocean, it rarely makes it into my paintings. Something I might have to explore further…

I have this and several other little paintings for sale in my Etsy store. All are original paintings, 8″ x 10″ or smaller.



Green and Gold

Green and Gold  16"x20"

Green and Gold 16″x20″

Car Wash!


Car Wash!  18" x 24"

Car Wash! 18″ x 24″

The best part of this picture is the exclamation point! I love the enthusiasm.

Hanging out at the pond.

Isabelle  16" x 20"

Isabelle 16″ x 20″

Feels like spring here in Vancouver, so we will soon be doing lots of this. Throwing something into the pond means you will soon be surrounded by ducks.

Sun Peaks

Fireweed 8"x 8"

Fireweed 8″x 8″

Sun Peaks Meadow 8" x 8"

Sun Peaks Meadow 8″ x 8″

We found these fields of wildflowers during a summer hike at the Sun Peaks Ski Resort. We had to navigate through a herd of cattle who were enjoying them just as much as we were.

Summerland Vineyard

Summerland Vineyard  18" x 24"

Summerland Vineyard 18″ x 24″

The less I paint, the less I want to paint.  The more I paint, the more I want to paint.

Thankfully, the second phrase describes my current condition.


Nikita  3" x 3"

Nikita 3″ x 3″

This is Nikita. She lives at Southlands Farm. I am very lucky to have a barn full of horses just 10 minutes away, that I can visit whenever I want.

Yay, I’m painting!

It has been a very unproductive year for painting. When I sat down to work on these, I wasn’t sure I’d remember how. For the most part, I am pretty happy with them.

Tiny paintings - 3"x3"

Tiny paintings – 3″x3″