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Studying Strawberries

Strawberries - study 1

So here is my study of the strawberries. I finished it last week and it is now in the show at Small Ritual.

I don’t usually work this small (8” x 8”), but it allowed me to really focus in on the berries (which is the whole point of the study, isn’t it?). This small size felt freeing to me. There wasn’t the usual burden of expectation of a larger painting. If it worked, fine. If not, well it only took a few hours. It also reminded me of the frame of mind I should always have when painting, and that’s to think of every painting as a study. It really takes the pressure off and let’s me enjoy the process, rather than getting too concerned with the end result. (Easier said than done).

Anyway, about the strawberries… I am happy with how this turned out, but perhaps if I do another one I would try to loosen up a little. I had intended for my reds to be brighter and to have a more expressive brush stroke. It’s funny how the painting seems to have its own direction, separate from my intentions. Now it’s time to move on to potatoes!

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