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Green Eyes

Green Eyes 11" x 14"

Green Eyes 11″ x 14″

I’ve always liked drawing and painting cats. I’ve gotten to know a few regulars while walking through my neighbourhood. This painting was inspired by a friendly cat named Patrick who likes to get underfoot as you walk down his block.

Yay, I’m painting!

It has been a very unproductive year for painting. When I sat down to work on these, I wasn’t sure I’d remember how. For the most part, I am pretty happy with them.

Tiny paintings - 3"x3"

Tiny paintings – 3″x3″





One more.

Tiny Painting  3" x 3"

Tiny Painting 3″ x 3″

This is the last of the tiny paintings. It’s time to move on to some larger projects.

Two more little ones

Orange Cat & Cabin  3" x 3" paintings

Orange Cat & Cabin
3″ x 3″ paintings

Here are two more that I’m adding to my Christmas gift stash. Actually I’ve added 6 more since I do 3 of each image. It is hard to mix up such a tiny amount of paint, so it makes sense to set up a little assembly line and do a few.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap Acrylic Painting

Cat Nap 3" x 3"

As I painted this little cat, I kept thinking that I need to put more animals into my artwork.¬†When I was younger, I drew only animals – cats and horses were my favourites. Below you’ll see a glimpse into my sketchbook from 1998. That seems like such a long time ago, yet I can still remember working on these drawings. Somehow my passion for filling up sketchbooks with animals has evolved into my obsession with capturing beautiful little scenes around me. If, in 13 years, I look back on the artwork I did today, I wonder what I will think. I wonder where it will take me?

Sketches of a horse and cat