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Green Giant

Green Giant 8" x 8"

Green Giant 8″ x 8″

Another trip to Mayerthorpe means another painting of the elevator. From a new angle. With different lighting.

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Grain Elevator

Elevator 3" x 3"

Elevator 3″ x 3″

Elevator - 2This one is for sale on Etsy.

Good friend, great drawing.

Sketch of me painting – By Cynthia Thom

I just had to share this beautiful birthday card that I received from my friend and fellow artist, Cynthia Thom. Although she has never seen the elevator in my home town of Mayerthorpe, she has captured it just right – complete with the railcars in the front. You can have a look at my elevator paintings here and here.

Same Elevator – Different Painting

March in Mayerthorpe - Acrylic Painting

March in Mayerthorpe (6" x 6")

Once again it’s the Mayerthorpe Grain Elevator, and it’s from almost the same angle as my previous painting, but at a much colder time of year.

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Small Town Highrise

Small Town Highrise
This is the grain elevator in my hometown of Mayerthorpe, Alberta. It’s the second time I’ve painted it. The first one I painted recently found a home with a long-time friend— you can see it here. This elevator was built in 1929 and is now a historical sight.

P.S. I just had to include a link to these great cardstock elevator sculptures (including Mayerthorpe)—check out this blog Vanishing Sentinels.

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