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Here comes fall (but not yet).

Stanley Park Maple  24"x18"

Stanley Park Maple 24″x18″

I may be painting fall, but I’m not done with summer yet. We are off to Summerland next week, to enjoy the last part of August. Looking forward to a change of scenery.

Come for coffee at Corner Cup

Green to Yellow  24" x 18"

Green to Yellow 24″ x 18″

It is time for another show at Corner Cup, my local community coffee shop (4th and Blenheim, Vancouver). This painting and several others will be on display for the next month or so. If you stop by to see the artwork, chances are you might see me or a member of my family sitting and snacking – we spend far too much time there.

A season behind

Under the Oak Tree18" x 24"

Under the Oak Tree
18″ x 24″

I know it’s cold and grey and almost winter, but I am just now getting excited about all of my fall photos and painting ideas. Here is the first one, a bit bigger than I usually paint.

I expect to be getting into winter paintings by the time spring rolls around.

Tiny Gifts

Tiny Paintings 3″ x 3″

‘Tis the season again for tiny paintings. It’s fun to do these 3″ x 3″ canvases any time, but they are very handy to have around during the Christmas season. In the next few weeks I will be focused on cranking out lots of these. If you think anyone on your Christmas list might like one, please get in touch!


An Unexpected Problem

September Maple 18 x 14

This painting has been done for a couple of weeks, however computer problems have kept me out of touch for a while.

It is an interesting experience to have your computer die. After the first feelings of frustration and panic, I realized that eliminating all of the fiddling around I do on the computer would free up a bit more painting time. I have not yet recovered my data, which means that I do not have access to my source files – several years worth of photos that I use for ideas and inspiration. So I found myself digging through my desk and found a very old file of printed photos that had once interested me. They have given me some new ideas and shifted my direction slightly. I am also anxious to get out and take some new photos – inspiration is everywhere!

(By the way, when I talk of reference photos, they are all my own pics, taken by me).

Bridge in Jericho Park

Bridge in Jericho Park 14" x 18"

I am starting to lose track of the number of paintings I’ve done of Jericho Park. You must be getting an idea of just how much time I spend there. I love this  little bridge  and I’ve painted it before. It is surrounded by huge trees, making it great practice for painting dappled light and shadows.

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More Inspiration from Jericho Park

Sailboat, Jericho Park 14"x 18"

Jericho Park is about a 5 minute walk from where I live. It is a beautiful place to visit with its forest trails, sandy beach, grassy fields, duck pond and sailing club. It also seems to be generating lots of painting ideas for me (see my previous post about my favourite tree).

I must have passed by this little sail boat 100 times as it sat abandoned on the path behind the sailing club. I always admired the way it seemed to glow even on the grayest of days (lots of those here in Vancouver). I am so glad that I took some photos of it one sunny morning, because one day when I walked past, it was gone.

I think it’s safe to say that there will be more paintings of Jericho Park in my future. It would be fun to do a series of all of my favourite spots. Which one should I do next…

P.S. This painting will be for sale at my April show at the Jericho Arts Centre.

My Favourite Tree

Catalpa Tree, Jericho Park 14" x 18"

This is a painting of my favourite tree. It is on my jogging route in Jericho Park and I run by it three times a week. (Okay, sometimes only twice a week). It is lumpy, twisted, lop-sided and beautiful. I’ve loved this tree for a long time, but have to admit that I didn’t know what kind it was. As I was painting this tree, I knew that I really must find out what it was, so enlisted the expertise of Dawn at the Jericho Stewardship Group. After some investigating, she informed me that it is called a Catalpa Tree.

This painting shows the landscape and tree in the winter. I realize how lucky I am to live in a climate with such a bright green winter. Even so, I think I would like to try this again in the summer, when the Catalpa has its leaves and the park looks a bit warmer. In summer, as you might imagine, the long, lower branch is often full of children who find it easy to climb. Another reason this tree is so well-loved.

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