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Where to Find It

I just wanted to update you on where you can find my artwork in Vancouver.

Corner Cup

Corner Cup, Kitsilano

Corner Cup
I just finished hanging my work at Corner Cup, 3301 West 4th Avenue. It’s a cozy neighbourhood coffee shop a few blocks from my house. The owner, Bruno, has done a great job of creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with delicious coffee and snacks. If you’re going to stop by, let me know – I’d love to buy you a coffee.

Laura K Jewitt in Point Grey

I have recently dropped off 3 new paintings at Laura K. Jewitt Design, a jewelry shop at 4469 West 10th Avenue. Thank you Laura for selling my Boathouse painting last month!

And last (but certainly not least), you can find a few of my paintings at Oh Brothers, 2575 West Broadway. They have a great selection of hand crafted items by Canadian Artists.

Now that all of my work is out in the neighbourhood, I better go make some more.

More Inspiration from Jericho Park

Sailboat, Jericho Park 14"x 18"

Jericho Park is about a 5 minute walk from where I live. It is a beautiful place to visit with its forest trails, sandy beach, grassy fields, duck pond and sailing club. It also seems to be generating lots of painting ideas for me (see my previous post about my favourite tree).

I must have passed by this little sail boat 100 times as it sat abandoned on the path behind the sailing club. I always admired the way it seemed to glow even on the grayest of days (lots of those here in Vancouver). I am so glad that I took some photos of it one sunny morning, because one day when I walked past, it was gone.

I think it’s safe to say that there will be more paintings of Jericho Park in my future. It would be fun to do a series of all of my favourite spots. Which one should I do next…

P.S. This painting will be for sale at my April show at the Jericho Arts Centre.