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Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh 16" x 16"

I am discovering that I love to paint fruit and vegetables. I really enjoyed doing the strawberries. That is not to say that they were easy. It took me a few tries before I figured out how to paint them. The danger when working with acrylics is that things can quickly become overworked and these berries are on the verge. I would like to follow up this painting with a smaller study focusing on just the strawberries and see if I could do better the second time around.

I would also like to do a study of the potatoes, not because they were difficult, but because they were so much fun. In this painting, I think of them as the spectators (taters?) watching over the strawberries. But they have such personality that they threaten to steal the show. They definitely need their own painting. Watch for more produce paintings coming soon!


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